Wednesday, May 31, 2006

In the Blink of an Eye

My girlfriend Diana and her son Layne have been here for about a week so that we can get prepared for our 19th annual yard sale. In amoungst pricing and sorting items, I've been working at the office in the mornings, planning meals to everyones liking, trying to be a good wife and mother. Just being busy. Earlier tonight as I was stirring dinner, I hear a siren approaching and wonder what could have happened and where? Fire? Car wreck? When the siren stops at my driveway. My heart stops then races. I knew nothing was wrong at our house, so who are they looking for? My aunt and uncle next door? My Mom or Dad? My brother or sil? Or one of their boys? Who? It gives me peace that my family lives so close together, until times like this. I immediately call my parents house and when a close friend of Mom's answers the phone I know there is a trouble. Connie tells me my Dad has collapsed. I'm one of these people who stays in control in a crisis so I turn down the burners on the stove and announce to Hubster and Diana I will be right back that I have to run down to Mom and Dad's. When I arrive the ambulance crew is in the process of trying to get Dad off the floor onto the stretcher. Mom's eyes are round and frightened as I hold her and soothe her. When they get Dad on the stretcher I approached in order to place my hand on him and look in his eyes to acknowledge I am there for him and for Mom. When I look in his eyes, I say "Daddy." He turns to my voice and in his eyes I see nothing. No acknowledgement, no fear, no pain...nothing. Immediately I feel fear, but I push it aside. I make sure Mom has all of Dad's medication. I make sure she knows their dog Sissy will be taken care of. I let her know I will be following her down to the hospital. On the way home I'm planning. I'll have Diana drive me so Hubster can be with the boys in case I'm gone overnight. I change into jeans and grab a jacket since it has still been chilly at night. When we arrive at the hospital Dad is in the ER. He's still consious but this time when I approach I see Daddy's eyes looking into mine. We are informed he has had a stroke. Dad remembers everything. He and Mom were having a dinner party out on the deck. He went into the kitchen for something and he said his whole right side went numb and he collapsed to the floor. Mom didn't hear him call out at first, but when she did she found him on the floor unable to move. Apparently when I arrived was at the worst moment for he said he knew what was happening, but couldn't respond. At the ER he progressively regained feeling and strength. At one point it was just Dad & I in the room and I could tell he was feeling discomfort. He said he had a tightness in his chest. The doctor took him for a chest xray & did an ekg. Nothing showed on either test to explain the chest pain. They had given him a drug that would prevent further stroke or heart problems when Dad arrived in the ER. Because of the medication we were waiting for Life Flight to take him to a bigger sister hospital. He needed to be near a surgeon if need any complications arose. As we were waiting for the helicopter I asked Dad if he still had the chest pain and if it was steady or came & went. He replied it would come & go. To lighten the mood I asked him if the pain came on when I walked in the room. Dad very seriously said "No, when you come in the pain is here.", pointing at his right butt cheek. At that point I knew he was whole and my Daddy. I'm worried, but I have this feeling that all will be well.

Tuesday, May 30, 2006


Almost a friggin' month since I updated last. Jeesh!

Steven is done with t-ball. He really improved through the season as did all the kids. His last game, he hit one over the kids heads into the outfield. Everyone was all "Good hit Steve!" and as he ran by me on his way to first base he points at me and say "That was for you Mama!" That got an awe from everyone in the crowd. I of course was beaming with pride and love. My favorite Steven moment for me was one day he got in the car after a game and said "Mom! Weren't you proud of me, I didn't pick my nose or play with my pee pee once!" Yes, very proud.

Dean is quickly losing any baby qualities and is becoming pure boy. He has learned to count to 10, so everything in this house is counted. Well at least to 10, then we start at 1 again. Although I am very happy with his mathematical genius, I didn't need him to announce at breakfast yesterday to daddy, "Mama farted 2 times in the kitchen." Which led to a joyful conversation between Dad and sons about how that darn Mama just farts all over the house which led to the conclusion that Mama farts 98 times a day. Dean who had started this whole thing was busy looking at his hands trying to figure out how to hold up 98 with his fingers.

Steven will be out of school Friday for summer. Its hard to believe the school year is over. Before I know it I'll be sending both of the boys off to school in the mornings. I've got to get the boys signed up for swim lessons and beyond that I'm looking for a fun and relaxing summer. It will probably be another month before we can even think about getting the boat out on the river. The river is extremely high and muddy due to the run off. But soon I'll be kicked back on the boat watching my bobber sipping on a cold drink.

Saturday, May 06, 2006

The Wheels Go Round and Round

Today was absolutely beautiful. 75 degrees, sunny, light breeze and I got not one damn thing done out in the yard. I had to finish up some reports for the BossMan first thing this morning and then I got in an organizing frenzy. My desk is an embarrassment. I've still got piles of embezzlement papers, bowling association crap, my tax stuff, and Steven's school papers to sort through. I have this big beautiful desk and I have one square foot that shows. I know quit my whining.

The other bookkeeper gave her two week notice last Monday, so on the 22nd I will be working full time. Actually it won't be bad since BossMan is going to network my pc with the one at the office. I will have to go into the office in the morning to do the deposit and make the bags for the next business day which will take about an hour and a half. After that I'll pick up Dean from daycare and bring him home so I can do the computer entries. Tuesdays I'll work in the office a little longer. I'm really excited about this. I always wanted a stay at home job, but I still like to get out of the house for adult contact. So I'll have it both ways. I hired a gal to do the weekend deposits so I'll still have weekends off.

My Mom and Dad got home from Arizona last week and boy is it great having them home. They look great and of course tan. The boys are beyond excited to have them home. Steven would spend every day there if he could.

T-ball is keeping us running with the games and practices. Steven is doing so good. He still needs to work on paying attention to where the ball is though. Actually all the kids do. I think they spend more time chasing butterflies and catching bugs then anything.

Our renters are moving out on the 15th, so we are in the process of selecting new ones. I had a gal stop by Thurs unannounced to see about renting from us. I know her, but haven't seen her for about 5 years. We have a 3 bedroom, 1 bath trailer and they have 4 kids. Do the math. I told her to fill out an application and told her the utility costs. She and her hubby had an appointment to see the house on Saturday. Well Friday at 7:05 frickin' a.m. she left a message saying that they had the deposit and would take it. I called her that evening to tell her we still had several other people wanting to look at the trailer and would make our decision based on the applications. She then informed me that they already gave notice on their current rental and were packing. To say the least I was pissed. I told her that I had not and probably wouldn't approve her family to move in so she better get a hold of her current landlord and cancel the notice. They live in a 2 bedroom dump right now and before that lived in an RV. Hubster and I got to thinking that since they have such a big family it is probably hard for them to find places to rent so they tried to force their way in. Hubster and I haven't even seen the condition of the rental yet. For all we know there could be holes in the walls or whatever else. We do have one couple interested that sound promising. They are in there 50's and have been life time renters. They rented their first house for 21 years and their current apartment for 7 years. They are suppose to come by tomorrow to look at the place so I hope they like it and want to take it.

So thats life around here.