Thursday, December 29, 2005

How Time Does Fly!

Wow, I never meant for this long to lapse between entries. I guess once the holidays hit time flew by. Oh and the bathroom...not done. When I realized I'm going to have to remove the tank I knew it wasn't a job I could get done in a matter of hours. I was actually going to work on it this week while Steven is on winter break, but I'm enjoying just being a mom.
Mid December I added on to my job duties at work. I am now bookkeeping 2 days a week and became the motel manager. So for two weeks straight I was training daily for the bookkeeping, running the lanes and learning the motel ins and outs. At the moment I'm still feeling a little overwhelmed with everything, but once I get into the flow it will be fine. The owner suspects the previous bookkeeper was stealing from him and he has made it my job to find the proof. I can do a lot of the investigating at home, but he is one of these bachelor types who thinks I can run into the office at the drop of hat and find a file for him or some other urgent need. I can't seem to get him to understand that I have kids, young kids who need a babysitter and that isn't easy to do whenever he snaps his fingers. I'm ready to turn over this embezzlement crap over to the accounting firm like now! But Owner thinks I can handle it just fine.
Christmas was great! For the first time in 18 years I didn't make the traditional turkey dinner instead we had steak, shrimp scampi, asparagus and red potatoes. It was just Hubster, the boys and myself so I never even changed out of my comfy pajama pants all day. Perfect day was had by all! I'll post some pics later. Not of me in my pajamas but of the tree and the boys.
Every year we have a New Year's Eve party we attend at some friends house. It is always an awesome time and I am so ready to let loose for an evening. Everyone else has kids close to the boys' age so we moms take turns checking on the brood, plus there are older kids there also.
So hopefully life will settle down after the holidays and I can get back to posting regularly.