Saturday, February 16, 2008


She's gone. My sister is gone. She died today. Either a stroke or heart attack. She'll be cremated and sent home as she wanted. Come spring we will lay her to rest. 49 years old and she is gone.

Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Uncle Deno

On Monday Feb. 11, 2008 my Uncle Deno suffered a heart attack and passed away. I don't what is worse having someone pass away suddenly without warning or watching them wither away. Either way it just plain hurts. My poor Auntie is so distraught it makes me worry for her. My parents are on their way home from Arizona and should arrive Thurs. Thats the only good thing coming out of this tragedy is I get to see their faces and feel their hugs.
We've lost a good man who didn't judge you by how much coin you carried in your pocket or what your beliefs were. We've lost a man who was everyone's friend upon meeting him. We've lost a little light in our lives. Goodbye Uncle Deno. I'll miss you.

Saturday, February 09, 2008

Alright there is one good thing...

Let it snow, let it snow, let it...okay I'm over it.

Uncle! Uncle! I give! No more please!

Okay So I Don't Exatly Update Daily

So the last time I wrote about my emotional dam bursting to 9/11 activities. Well there was one other event that took place that day I didn't write about. That very afternoon at work my computer gave me the dreaded blue screen. In other words, if computers had appendages it basically extended its middle finger in my face and said know...screw you. I wasn't too concerned when I called my buddy the computer geek because I back up my files regularly. The one thing I was concerned about was getting payroll out on time on Friday, but computer geek assured me he would have my computer back to me soon. Thursday morning he finally reported I had lost a memory thingamajig but all my data was there and he would have my computer back to me around 1pm. Yeah, phew. So 1pm comes and goes. At 2:45pm I'm getting anxious because he's not answering his phones. 3:30pm he answers not sounding very happy maybe because I had left several voice messages with me sounding not very happy. I'm not a patient person. He proceeds to tell me that he went ahead and wiped my hard drive and he needs all my program discs and backups. So I take them up to him and what do you think happens? Well if you guessed my backup discs were corrupt you are correct. So basically I lost 9 1/2 months of information from my computer. Every payroll entry, every daily deposit, every check written, every spreadsheet, every frickin' thing I had ever done. So needless to say I've been busy. And I'm tired, so tired.