Saturday, August 11, 2007

Not sure what these are but they're pretty!

Just What I Needed

Hubster woke me up this morning with a smile and a plan. While I was sleeping in, he was busy packing a cooler and converting coffee cans into buckets. Buckets? For huckleberry picking of course!

Hubster thought of everything! Including a batch of homemade Kahlua which went down rather smoothly. Made huckleberry picking even that more enjoyable. Bears! Psshaw! After three glasses I could have taken any bad ass black bear down just with my everclear laden breath. Well thats what I was hoping, because I sure as hell couldn't have ran from one.

The boys had a blast. They tired of picking huckleberries fairly fast, but soon discovered mountain climbing. Steven discovered sliding down a hill with big rocks jutting out is not an ideal situation for a little boy and his family jewels. He recovered though with a hug from Mama. While the boys were doing their thing, Hubster cooked us up some hot dogs on the portable BBQ. Amazing how a hot dog tastes so much better when your up 6300 feet in the mountains compared to sitting around the kitchen table.

After we had lunch we headed back down the mountain to a waterfall. I am absolutely terrified of heights so it drove me nuts when Hubster and the boys were standing at the top looking down. But I managed to edge close enough to the abyss to get this shot. It really was beautiful. We went farther upstream and the area just above the falls was just like a postcard scene. Of course Fudge decided to go swimming then which scared the hell out of me as she chose to swim right above the falls. I had visions of her getting caught in the current and being swept over. So the postcard setting was momentarily disturbed by my hysterical screaming. Damn dog. Anyway we frolicked( that word) for about an hour in the creek. I found some rocks for a border I'm hoping to use on a rock patio area by our deck. I am a rock hound. Anytime Hubster and I have gone camping or any activity in the mountains I bring back rocks. I've even got Hubster bringing me rocks when he goes fishing or such. Dean was bewildered as to why I was making everyone carry rocks. He reminded me we have plenty of rocks at home in our driveway and that I didn't need to bring home more. Hubster told Dean to be thankful they were rocks we could actually carry and didn't require a hoist. I did once make Hubster go retrieve a rock I fell in love with that required a motor lifty thingy. He wasn't too thrilled when it bent the tail gate. But I know he thinks of me everytime he shuts the tail gate now.