Friday, March 31, 2006

I don't want to grow up.

I am so glad this week is over! The last 3 nights I have had bowling meetings, I worked 21 hours in 2 days and I think I still have a family since the laundry hamper is full once again. Frickin' laundry. On top of all this busy business I was dealing with a headache. I very rarely get headaches and when I do if I take an advil its gone within the hour. But this bugger started Tuesday night during the meeting right on the side of my head with this consistent pressure. When I got home I popped some advil and went to bed. Wake up Wed and its still there. I took some more advil and went to work. Counting money while you have a headache is not fun. One of the bartenders in the lounge offered me some advil liquid gels claiming they would kick my headache's ass. About an hour later the whole top of my head felt like somebody had poured hot grease on it. After I went to the bank to make the deposit, the thought of a stroke or an aneurysm convinced me to stop at the doctor's office to have my blood pressure checked. It was fine 124/70. The nurse laughed at my hypochondria and said I wasn't having a stroke. Okay that helped. Laugh at my concerns wench, you'll be sorry when you read my obituary. So I dragged myself back to work until 5:00 ran home and put a lasagne in the oven to bake which I had so smartly pre-made Monday night, ran back to the bowling alley for our Wed night league meeting and banquet at 6:15. Tried not to kill too many innocent people while dealing with the constant brain drilling, hot grease scalding headache, did the liquor order for the lanes, went home to find Dean still awake and in hyperdrive. Took some more advil and finally got Dean successfully tucked into bed. I then stupidly stayed up until 1:30 afraid if I went to bed my aneurysm would explode during my sleep and I'd be found dead in my bed that I haven't changed the sheets in for 2 weeks. I compensated and put on some clean underwear and crawled into bed. Awoke (yes!) at 6:30 to begin the "get yo ass outta bed its time for school" routine. At 8:00 I sat down at the computer to begin my day of embezzlement investigating with only the brain drilling portion of the headache remaining. After about 2 hours of squinting through the pain I went in to take a hot shower. When I got out I went through my after shower ritual lotion, deodorant, brush teeth, blow nose. When I blew my nose my head felt like it was going to explode where my headache was located. I then noticed I could affect the degree of pain in my head just by sniffing. Sniff in and head explosion, breath out moderate pressure. So I popped some Tylenol sinus. Within an hour my headache was gone. Thank ya Jesus! I've noticed as I get older my sinus' are so much more sensitive to changes in the weather. So I guess nurse-laugh-a-lot was correct.
Speaking of getting older, I think I may be starting the first stages of menopause. The last 3 months my emotions have been on an ever ending rollercoaster ride. WHHEEE! Well I want now. Right now. I used to mock women who would blame their moods on hormones. I have always been able to put a smile on my face when I'm grumpy or sad since I'm one of these people who HATE people who take a bad day out on others. I have become one of those people I hate. I'm surprised I'm not hacking up hairballs from all the heads I've bitten off lately. The only upside to the hormonal swing I've been on is my sex drive. For three weeks of every month I'm insatiable. Poor Hubster can't even scratch his balls without me wanting to jump him. Actually now that I think of it he has been scratching them more, so maybe its not poor Hubster. But he pays for the 3 week stretch of horny honey of a wife with one week of rabid hairball hacking wench he resides with while quivering on the far side of the bed. And it wouldn't be so bad if that week fell while I'm on my period, but no it comes the week before I start. So technically only 2 out of my 3 weeks of the sex in overdrive is spent satisfactory. I just only hope that when my menopause changes gears its finds me in sex overdrive and not in full road rage run your ass over then reverse and run it over again gear. Later. I have to go see what Hubsters up to ;)

Sunday, March 26, 2006

Daddy's Day

Dad turned 72 yrs old today. Wow doesn't seem possible. Mom and Dad should be heading home in another 3 to 4 weeks from Arizona. It will be so good having them back here. Seems too long since they left in October. I'm anxious for them to see the boys. Dean is talking so much more clearly and isn't the shy little boy he was when they saw him last. I know they can hear a big difference when they talk to him on the phone, but his expressions and hand gestures are so much of his communicating they can't see. Steven is getting so grown up now. He isn't the little boy who comes crying to Mommy anymore, instead he sucks it up when he is hurt now. That breaks my heart not to be needed as much, so I know it will Granny also. Anyway it will be interesting.
Today was raining and we actually had some snowfall a couple of times so I spent my day getting caught up on bowling stuff. It will be good to get this all done for the season and concentrate on other things. Like my house! Oh my god, I haven't let my housework fall behind this bad for ages. I got so busy in December with training for the bookkeeping and investigating the embezzlement crap, I let my house take last priority. I finally got caught up on the laundry Thursday, well as much as you can ever catch up on laundry. I had probably 14 loads laying there. That is so disgusting! I feel like a new woman finally getting caught up to a reasonable load a day. Isn't that sad that laundry can affect my state of mind?
I joined a website a few years ago called "flylady" that helped you get your household in order. I really liked the concept and think it could work, but I swear I received about 20 chore reminder emails daily. I felt like my mother was nagging me to clean my room every 10 minutes. Eventually I lost interest or maybe it was more that I acted like a sullen teenager and said I'm not going to clean my room flylady and quit. Anyways I should check it out and see if it can help me with all the spring cleaning tasks on my list, because before I know it I'll have yard work calling out to me.
Okay my favorite night of tv (Desperate Housewives & Grey's Anatomy) is about to start so I'm outta here. Later.

Friday, March 24, 2006


Today I actually got outside and did some stuff around the yard and it felt fantastic! Its definitely too muddy yet to get real serious, but I put out a decorative bird house I got for Christmas and picked a few rocks out of the yard. Last year when the contractor put our septic system in they spread drainage rock all over when they were filling in the trenches. Of course this is an area where we envisioned a lovely lawn. So I spent several weeks last year picking rocks and hauling them to low spots in the driveway. Well it seems that over the winter the rocks have had a love fest and multiplied. It doesn't even look like I picked a single rock. I know once the lawn comes in fully we won't see them, but I keep envisioning rocks flying through my windows as Hubster mows the lawn. Oh well I got one hell of a tan last year so I guess I'll look at it as my way of achieving that golden glow. I need to make a plan for a couple of flower beds and what kind of flowers will work best. I don't know why I try to grow flowers because basically all I end up doing is growing food for the deer, the little bastards. I started a two tiered flower bed last fall that I need to put a rock border around. Over the years whenever Hubster and I go anywhere in the mountains I always collect interesting rocks so I figured a border would be a good way to display them. Well I think I'll dig out the garden books and plan what bulbs to order for the deer's dining pleasure. Later.

Thursday, March 23, 2006

Just Say It

I've spent the majority of the day reading a new online journal and got to thinking I should update my own. I have several journals that I faithfully read daily (Hi Jules!) and some I check in on once a week or so. I love to find new journals through links and read through the archives. Kind of like reading a good book on a rainy day.
One thing that struck me lately as I've been reading journals is that I'm putting too much effort into my entries. Heh I'm talking quality, not quantity obviously since I'm averaging 3 entries a month lately. I keep thinking I have to have something exciting or of meaning to say whenever I write. Don't misunderstand me I'm not saying that other peoples journals are boring. I'm saying that I realized that I enjoy reading journals because I get a glimpse of how they live day to day. Granted some have much more exciting lives than I ever will. The journals I read are people whom I can relate to in some facet. So I'm going to take some pressure off of myself and write about me, my life and if somebody out there connects with me that's great.

Saturday, March 18, 2006

Happy Birthday to me!

Yeppers I turn 41 yrs old today. I kept being asked this week what big plans I had for my birthday and when I replied "absolutely nothing" I would get sympathetic looks. Since mid December all I have wanted is to have a day I had no obligations. I have a lot I need to get done, but I figured my birthday was the perfect day to just say no to it all.
Okay since I haven't updated for a month..geesh...let me recap.
Steven is doing really good in school. He even says he likes it now so that is quite a turn around and a relief. His personality is changing or maybe its just that he growing up. In some ways the changes are positive, but he is learning things from other kids that are not so good. I was concerned when Steven started school that he would get his feeling hurt because he was such a good hearted trusting kid. I think that was part of why he hated school for awhile, but now its like he has gotten street wise and that is hard for me to take. The majority of his classmates are from disfunctional homes. Steven has had a few episodes of kids punching him or pushing him down which I expected..hell it happened to me when I was in school, but not until I was in 3rd grade. When I talk to the school about these incidences they tell me it has been handled. But when I investigate further the information I get back on these kids is horribly sad. One of the boys' mom is a crank addict, another boy spends the majority of his time at various babysitters because mom is out partying. It all comes down to drugs, alcohol and sex are the focus for some of these parents and their child gets acknowledged when its convenient or absolutely necessary. Rumors out of the school are that suspensions are at an all time high and the teachers are throwing their hands up not knowing how to handle the problems. I'm scared. I can only hope that if I keep reinforcing my expectations on my boys that they will stay on track. To me this is sad that I'm facing this when my child is in kindergarten, hell I expected this stuff around 4th or 5th grade. So I'm signing Steven up for baseball Tuesday night and maybe just maybe I can get him sports orientated young. I used to think it was sad how parents ran their kids from one event to the next, but now I'm beginning to see the positives of keeping them busy.
Whoa went off on a rant there... Hubster is off work for spring break up as of Thursday and probably won't be back to work until mid May. I hate this time of year financially, but we muddle through. At least I don't have to pay for daycare! Plus we have a lot of projects around the house to get finished.
The bowling leagues are finishing up this month so that will be one less thing on my plate. I'm going to try to keep the bowling alley open for the summer. I've got two leagues organized starting in May so that should help. Otherwise open bowling sucks during the summer since everyone would rather play outside which I don't blame them.
I'm still bookkeeping twice a week and loving the challenge. I can't remember if I mentioned that I've been gathering evidence on the previous bookkeeper for embezzlement. I stumbled upon some discrepancies when I first started doing the books and my boss asked me to go over everything from when she started in July 2004. This includes daily sales, accounts receivables and gaming money. I got the gaming done and I'm now working on the rest. I'm finding basically that anyway she could skim she did it. I wasn't friends with the previous gal but it still has been very hard emotionally on me. I don't like that I'm potentially ruining someones reputation and life but I keep reminding myself she chose her actions.
Okay enough rambling I have to continue my plans of....NOTHING!!! Whoohooo! Plus I've got a couple loads of laundry thats bugging me and we need some groceries. Who was I fooling?