Thursday, February 23, 2006

Its Been Nice

Well "Molly" is gone. Her owner Rick showed up at our door Monday morning. I've known Rick since we were kids and have never liked him so I was suprised such a sweet dog would belong to him. The only satisfaction I got in watching Molly go was the fact that Rick had to drag her to the truck, she did not want to leave. The boys handled it better than I thought they would. Steven insisted Rick take a rope toy Molly had been playing with. I could tell Steven was trying to be a big boy and not act sad. Dean had mixed emotions. He was sad, but relieved to not have this big dog around slobbering on him. Hubster and I decided its time to get prepared for a dog. We have to figure out if we want to build a kennel or just make a dog run. Griz had us spoiled in that he would stay in the yard without being tied up. So we'll see what happens.

Saturday, February 18, 2006

Good Golly

Hubster took "Molly" over to the people's house whom he thought may be her owners this morning. I felt sad but somewhat relieved that she was gone. What I like about her is even though we figure her to be about a year old she has a mellow soul. What I didn't care about her is she chased our cats. Griz was such a softie with our cats which will be hard to find in another dog. But we got Griz as a puppy and I suppose that made a difference. So while Hubster took her back home I started to make blueberry muffins and just as I was putting the pan in the oven it slipped out of my hand and landed upside down on the floor. The floor I spent an hour scrubbing yesterday. So I once again dug out the cleaning supplies and when I turned "Molly" was there licking up the spilled batter. The people didn't own "Molly". So we have her until Wednesday at least when the local paper comes out. She looks like she has been well cared for, she's shiny and her back toe nails have been cut recently. I'll call the vet tomorrow and see if they know the owners. Last night when I put Steven in his bed, she hopped up at the foot of his bed and laid down. I'm afraid by Wednesday she may be permanently etched into our hearts.

Baby Its Freezing Out There

I should have known. Earlier this week I made a comment to Hubster that it felt like Spring. I was even trying to think of anything that I could do around the yard this weekend. Well Thursday night we hit 11 below and it was 9 below this morning. It sure doesn't feel like Spring anymore. We have had beautiful sunny days and starry nights which has made the spring fever bearable.
I got interrupted while writing this entry by an unexpected visitor. The boys were playing ninjas and during there hi-yaws and wwaaaa's I heard Steven say "Dog!". I assumed they were pretending they had a ninja dog when Dean screamed "Moooommmmmmaaaa! Dog!!!" I have to say I was mighty surprised when I turned and here stands a chocolate lab in the livingroom. The boys jumped to the top of the couch terrified. My adrenaline was definitely pumping with a strange dog in my house. I have to laugh because thanks to one of the journals I read I knew I had to act in control and show dominance. (Thanks Bev!) The dog didn't seem aggressive, but just in search of water, food or heat, probably all of the above. She has a collar on so I grabbed her and literally had to drag her to the door and shove her out. She immediately jumped on the door and began scratching and whining. She got in through our kitchen door which hasn't been latching well with the change of weather so I ran to that door to get it latched and locked. I made a few calls to neighbors and no one knew of the dog. I called the Sheriff's Office, but they had no lost dog reports. Hubster was at a friends house so I called him to tell him to get his ass home like now. While I was on the phone with my sil, the door once again popped open (apparently I didn't turn the lock the right way). Since she simply acted relieved to be in where it is warm and not aggressive I let her stay in until Hubster got home. Of course while we waited I couldn't help but give her some water and food, which was not the sight Hubster expected to see when he came barging through the door. Within 5 minutes of Hubster's arrival Dean announced she shall be named Molly. Oh yeah, Hubster loved that. He thought he knew who she belonged to so he loaded "Molly" into the pickup and drove over to there house. Its stupid to think that within a 40 minute time span I was already planning on running into town to get dog food, disinfecting Griz's dog dishes and planning when I could get her to the vet.
I have to tell you when Hubster walked back into the house and "Molly" was still shadowing him I felt happy. The people he thinks she belongs to weren't home, so I guess she is spending the night until we can reach them in the morning. She did get too playful with Dean to the point he screamed and cried. I've told the boys no rough housing or running just in case this would set Molly off. I took her out with me when I took the garbage to the dumpster so she could do her business and I can tell you it was nice having a four legged companion along. When I put Dean down for bed just now I asked him if he was scared of Molly and he said "No Mama, I wike her." So I'm predicting broken hearts come morning when Molly goes home.

Wednesday, February 15, 2006

Handicap in Bowling

This past Saturday I took my second lesson from Dave the bowling coach. He changed my release so I can get a more aggressive hook and improve my accuracy. He also worked on getting me to bend my knees more during my release. I did okay during the lesson, but Saturday night I was brought to tears with the pain in my right knee. I injured my knee in high school while playing basketball and have had problems with it off and on through the years, but never like this. Turning 40 really didn't bother me, but what is bothering me is my body is starting to show the wear and tear I've put it through. Since I manage the bowling alley and love the sport, I'm always looking for ways to improve my game...hence the lessons. Sunday I woke up feeling depressed. Have I, at 40, peaked in my game. Do I now look forward to my average declining year after year now? I stopped in to talk to Dave before he left and tearfully told him how I was feeling. He felt terrible that he may have pushed my knee far past what it can handle and assured me that I could continue to improve my game even if I can't get down more at the line. After I talked to him I felt a little better, but it still got me to thinking that unless I start taking preventative measures my body will keep failing me one way or another. So I ordered a bow flex. Hubster wasn't too sure he wanted to spend that much money for a weight machine, but I convinced him into it. Of course it could have something to do with the improved sex life I mentioned that changed his mind. Hopefully building up some muscle in my thighs will help support my knee better. Plus it will give Hubster and I something else to do together.
Before I went bowling tonight I dug out my old knee brace and took a bunch of Tylenol. I tried to bend a little more than normal, but mostly concentrated on the new release. My knee is a little achy tonight which I can handle. I ended up bowling a 555 series so I felt pretty good all the way around. My goal is to end the season with the highest women's average for the house. Currently I'm the third highest with a 172. The highest is a 174, so I can do this. Heck maybe I should set my goals higher and shoot for the highest in men and women! Eh...the men's highest is 217, I think 175 sounds just fine.

Monday, February 06, 2006

Okay So I Did Feel Good...

How was your weekend? Great? How did I spend my weekend? I got in touch with someone whom I haven't visited with for quite some time. His name....Ralph the Potty God. Yeah, we had a grand old time. He came by Saturday morning and overstayed his welcome until Sunday evening. To tell the truth I really didn't want him to come over, but he caught me before I could draw the blinds and hide. Hubster was at work Saturday so all day it was Ralph and me trying to keep the boys entertained. The boys had met Ralph earlier in the week and they didn't like him at all so they pretty much stayed away for the most part. Don't blame them. I thought I was going to have to call the cops and have Ralph physically removed, but he finally hit the road Sunday night. So people beware...Ralph is out there...somewhere and he may be at your door next.

Friday, February 03, 2006

I Feel Good, I Feel Good.....

I keep repeating "I feel good, I feel good" to myself because I don't have time to be sick. Last night at 12:30 am Steven, whom was sleeping with Hubster and I sat up and said Dad I don't feel good. Hubster grabbed him but Steven did puke some on my pillow and on the rug before Hubster got him in the bathroom. So I put Steven in the tub to clean him up and I then proceeded to clean the mess. I got Steven in some fresh pjs and put him in his own bed. Hubster changed our bedding and I crawled back to bed and laid there listening for Steven. Soon I slipped off to sleep and was just hitting the deep zzz's when this little voice at my bedside said Mama and rrrrrrrrrrralllllllph. Thinking it was Steven I was suprised when I turned on the light to find Dean standing there with vomit down the front of him and on my bedspread. Great. So from 1:30 to 5:00 I bounced from Steven to Dean and to trying to salvage my carpets. When Steven woke up this morning he was all gungho to go to school, but within 20 minutes he was once again visiting the toilet. So today was a lay around the house day for the boys and load after load of laundry for me. Both Hubster and I have had ishy tummies all day but I think its all in our heads, well I hope. One good thing is I didn't have to cook dinner because nobody was hungry. Before I had kids I had the weakest stomach and the sound of someone throwing up would make me join right in with them. I remember when I saw the movie Witches of Eastwick and they have the scene where the witches put a spell on a woman making her throw up cherry pits I had to run out of the theater and go outside and get some fresh air. For the longest time whenever I saw Cher my stomach would get ishy and I would feel sick. I definitely wasn't the friend you would want to party with and rely upon to hold your hair back while you worshipped the porcelain gods. Hell I'd push you out of the way of the toilet.
Work has been very draining. I worked 21 hours Tues and Wed. I'm enjoying the job though, but I don't like how it is invading into my home life. Hopefully things will balance out soon. I'm bummed I've let this journal go by the wayside. I felt like I was finally getting some readers. I decided I'm going to have to schedule myself to sit and write entries. So bear with me and drop a comment once in awhile to let me know you stopped by.