Friday, June 01, 2007

Update on Fudge

Thought I'd post an update on Fudge. She is definitely growing.

She is being typical of her breed and loves to dig and chew. Something that hopefully as she gets out of her "teen" years she'll quit. LOL! I know how naive of me!

Swing Batter Batter

Tournament this weekend and baseball is over for the year. Big sigh of relief. Steven played coach pitch this year and did really, really well. I believe this kid will excel in whatever he desires. I admire how in control of his body he is. He didn't get it from me thats for sure, coordinated I'm not. Dean decided he wanted to wait until next year to play tee ball. I hate to admit I was relieved since I'm not looking forward to running one kid here and the other kid there. Oh the joy I see in my future.

Today is the first day of summer vacation for the boys. Can we say happy mama? Oh yeah very happy mama. An extra hour of sleep in the morning. No mad dash from work to meet the bus every afternoon. And happy little boys. I'm always shocked when I hear parents say they dread summer vacation. To me it means less stress. The only thing I dread is the extra laundry. The boys love to run in the sprinkler and play in the dirt which makes a lovely mud mixture. Plus they do this to several outfits during the day. Oh well it used to be I couldn't get them to keep their clothes on when they went outside. I don't know which is harder to clean..clothes or this.... Two summers ago Dean appeared at the door like this. As you can tell in the background we hadn't started landscaping so they had no grass to romp and play. Dean found the next best thing...a mud hole. Thank goodness he stood at the door and called for me to come look instead of running through the house to find me. Dean got introduced to the "hose down" and apparently didn't care for being sprayed with cold water since he's never went mud bogging since then.
We don't have any major plans for the summer. No trips planned as of yet. We'll be going to the river to swim this year though since our lovely city decided to close the pool for the whole summer to make repairs. Dean was on the waiting list for swimming lessons the last two summers and he finally was enrolled in the class for this summer, but now with the pool closed that is a no go. Hubster and I have been teaching him ourselves the last few years, but I wanted him to take lessons from someone certified. Steven has had two years of lessons and is a good swimmer. But I will definitely be keeping a close eye on both of them near the water. It makes me nervous thinking of how many families will be making the river their swimming hole. Hubster and I grew up swimming in the river and know where the strong currents and undertows are located. But I'm afraid new comers to the area will not respect the river and by summer's end there will be a drowning. We have been thinking of getting an above the ground pool, but they are pretty spendy for what we want. So I guess I'll start setting aside money and plan for next year.
Well I'll close this for today and hopefully now that things are settling down around here somewhat I'll get another post in before two months fly by. Hope this finds all well.