Tuesday, September 11, 2007

And the tears fell

When I got to work today I arrived to find a note on my desk. "The Monday Nite league didn't pay their lineage. Sorry." So I call the league secretary at her office. Yep she forgot to pay. After a brief discussion I came to a conclusion she was not going to make it a priority to get the check to me. So I volunteered to drive across town to pick up the check. I was a little peeved since I had so much to do, but figured I'd get it out of the way. As I was pulling into the main part of town above main street I saw a small plane just flying above the power lines. I recognized the plane as being one of our local realtor's personal plane. The plane has the stars and stripes of our flag on the wings so its easy to recognize. Anyway I slowed the car down thinking he was trying to make an emergency landing or such but then quickly accelerated so he wouldn't land on top of my car. I lost sight of him as he flew over me and I looked at an approaching driver's face to see what their reaction was. I didn't see horror just curiosity. I looked ahead down Main Street and could see a multitude of emergency lights flashing. My first reaction was OMG! What has happened?. Then I noticed a small group of people standing along Main Street, a cowboy stood with his hat on his heart. I have been so busy with work and keeping up with the boys and the Hubster I haven't read the local paper since this last May. I didn't know our little town was having a remeberence for 911. As I reached the tail end of the procession of emergency vehicles I was a little confused as to whether I should follow or pull off. They were traveling at less than 5 mph and so I judged that I could pull off on a side street and get ahead of them farther up. Well I wasn't successful and ended up sitting at a stop sign as they crawled by. My heart started pounding as I'm thinking if I didn't have to get this damn check I could be getting my work done. Like an idiot I hadn't put the money bag for the bowling alley out and she wouldn't be able to open without the keys or money. Also I had to pick Dean up at 12:30 to take him to preschool and pick him up again at 3:30. With all that interruption I didn't have time for another delay. As I was watching the ambulance, fire truck, various law enforcement pass by I recognized pretty much all of them. I noticed there were not a lot of people standing along Main Street and was saddened this little town of ours wasn't out in force. I thought to myself how hard this day must be for them and silently said a prayer to bless them and keep them safe. Finally I once again pulled in behind them and crept down Main Street. As we were exiting the city limits I was getting agitated that they were continuing their procession. I mean, I'm in a hurry. I looked behind me and saw a couple of truckers and thought I bet they're getting as agitated as I am. I finally resigned myself that they weren't going to pull over. I glanced at the clock it was 10:12. As I continued to drive I began to relax and I observed how shiny the firetruck was and how the deputy's vehicles looked freshly waxed. I realized they all had taken so much time and pride in getting their vehicles ready. I began to feel pride. Pride for all these people whom I know not for their badges but for their spouses and children I know or how some of them I remember from when I was a child. I was no longer tensed for confrontations with disgruntled employees, I didn't have to listen to employees personal problems or how they didn't feel good and didn't know if they could finish their shift. I didn't have to think about how I was going to get the restaurant out of the red every week. I didn't have to think about where I can buy gaming machines at a reasonable price. I didn't have to think about whether the new bartender I hired is really a meth addict like I've been told after I hired her. I didn't have to think about how I'm going to get the scorer monitor in the bowling alley fixed without having to dismantle it and send it out to be repaired. I didn't have to think about why the bedspreads I ordered for the motel 5 weeks ago aren't here yet. Before I new it I felt something on the front of my neck and went to swipe my blowing hair from my neck. My hand came away wet. I had tears rolling down my face and neck. When did I become so numb to my own feelings that I don't even feel my tears upon my face. I watched the procession turn off the highway and as I watched them I felt the need to acknowledge them. I wanted to honk my horn and wave my arms out of the window and shout my gratitude to every single soul in that procession. I didn't though because I didn't feel it would be appropriate. When I left work I was so angry that because of someone elses forgetfulness I had to interrupt my day. As I reached her office she met me at the car apologizing to me for interrupting my day. I grabbed the check from her hand and I thanked her. Because of her I experienced one the most special moments of my life.

Saturday, September 01, 2007

Time for a Change

I was in the mood for some changes. I wanted to lighten things up and hopefully make it easy to read. I think I'm happy for now.
I have been on vacation for the last week and I really haven't done anything noteworthy. Which is just the way I wanted it to be. I did however mess up my chance for the mother of the year award again. Awhile back I got a letter from Steven's school announcing whom his 2nd grade teacher would be and when school would start. Grades kindergarten through 2nd grade start after Labor Day while the other elementary grades started on Monday Aug. 27th. I absolutely love that he starts after Labor Day. On Tues the 28th Steven had a meeting with his teacher to see what levels he is in for math, reading, etc. So I got the twerp ready to meet his teacher by scraping a summer's worth of dirt from his body and off we go. I proudly walked in the front door of the school and before me stood a sign. The sign read "1st and 2nd grades start school August 29th!" Aw sh*t! My heart instantly plummeted. We were planning on going to the big city on Wed the 29th to go school shopping. I have gotten some shirts off ebay for school clothes, but I had no pants for him what so ever. And I had no school supplies, backpack, etc. Well this wouldn't have been a big deal if I lived in a town that had stores that carried any of this crap. I must of had a look of disbelief on my face because the school secretary approached me and asked me if she could help me. As I re-read the sign for the seventh time it dawned on me..Steven is going into 2nd grade and last year.....I turned to the secretary
ME - "I thought school started after Labor Day for 2nd grade?"
HER - "No. Just kindergarten starts after Labor Day."
ME - "So last year 1st grade started before Labor Day?"
HER - (with questioning look)"Yes."
ME - "Okay thanks!"

People! Last year I took Steven to school for his first day after Labor Day! . I did the whole production...first day of school picture...escorted him to class...made a production of showing him his classroom! I feel like such an idiot. I bet his teacher thought I was a real treasure. First lesson of the school year, do not skim read a letter from the school. So anyway Steven started school on Wed the 29th. See what a nice picture I took of him on the actual first day of school. I am amazed at how grown up he is starting to look. Definitely not a little boy anymore. sniff.sniff. I did find one pair of pants that fit him thank goodness. However that backpack...empty. I sent a note telling his teacher that he would have school supplies after we went shopping. Yep makin' a good impression right off the start. Go Mom!
We are off to attend our County Fair in a couple of hours. The boys are anxious to get going so they can go on the rides. Hubster is not looking forward to going on the rides..hee. Me? Can you say cotton candy?