Monday, March 17, 2008

Ax Yea Men

I am so excited! I just saw a show on the H!story Channel that is featuring loggers. I have always loved De@dliest C@tch and this new show is done in the same format. Its Ax*Men and the reason I love it is that this is the job my Hubster does, he runs a yarder. I've gone up with him a few times on weekends when he has mechanic work to do, but I've never actually watched him at the real thing. The boys haven't watched it yet but I recorded it so I'll have them watch tomorrow night. Through the years of Hubster talking with fellow loggers I've gotten the gist of what he does, but now I can truly visualize it. The only downside is I've always known how dangerous it is and he has lost several buddies due to accidents, so now I'm seeing a lot more of the dangers than I'd like. But I'm also seeing why he loves it. I feel like this will bring me closer to him because I'll understand so much more of what he goes through. Now if they'd have a series on being a general manager he'd understand my job better. Yeah, don't think that will happen.

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