Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Oh Man!

Well tonight I went to a baseball meeting to sign up both boys. Steven will be in rookies and Dean in T-ball. Dean was a little apprehensive about playing because he isn't good, but once we all reassured him that t-ball was to learn how to play he seemed excited. That poor kid wants to be perfect at everything the very first time he tries it. I hope he outgrows that. Anyways for the next couple of months we will be baseball, baseball, baseball. I am not looking forward to all the traveling. I don't know what I'll do the first time their schedules overlap. Hubster is currently off for spring breakup so at the beginning we should be able to split up with one kid each when needed, but once he gets back to work will be a different story. How do you choose one kid over the other? I guess I better figure it out because I've got years of sports ahead of me.

The last couple of days have been warm enough that the yard is starting to hold the promise of Spring days. We don't live too far out of town, but what a difference. In town the grass is green, people are raking and flowers are coming up. Here the grass is soggy & brown and the snow piles still have a ways to go to be gone. Soon enough I'll be whining about the heat. We haven't had too many sunny days as of yet and boy am I in need. Sunshine = attitude adjustment.

I'm still having problems with my sinuses. Throughout the day the gunk moves from one side to the other, down to my ears and back to my nose. Swallowing is killer at times. I tend to hold my saliva because it hurts to swallow. I've even found myself spitting to avoid the pain. Hey! I'll fit right in at baseball!

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